As Taha Kimya Management, we are committed

to carrying out our activities in order to implement

the principles listed below in order to guide

all our relations with our customers, suppliers and

employees since our establishment:

   To fulfill the requirements determined by our customers, together with national laws and regulations, in order to improve working conditions and fulfill our corporate responsibility.

   Creating value for customers, meeting their demands and needs at the highest level.

   To exhibit professional and fair behavior within the framework of courtesy rules in relations with customers.

   Choosing meticulously and carefully the suppliers to be work ; to encourage them to respect human rights and to act in accordance with the principles of business ethics and anti-corruption.

   To act in a fair, well-intentioned and understanding manner in order to provide mutual benefit in all relations of our employees.

   To ensure that our employees perform their duties in a timely and correct manner, while also avoiding inappropriate behavior by adopting ethical principles.

   By ensuring that all kinds of materials, machinery, equipment and vehicles are used only for business purposes; to prevent waste of energy, time and resources.

   To prevent the repetition of the employees who act against the ethical rules by detecting them in a timely manner and applying the necessary sanctions to the relevant persons.

Preventing bad behavior;

   Carrying out relations with mutual respect, in a manner that ensures dignity and trust, and within the framework of courtesy rules.

   To ensure that all employees do not act in the workplace and outside the workplace that will damage the company's reputation.

   To exhibit appearance, attitude and behavior in accordance with corporate identity and seriousness.

Harassment and discrimination;

   To prevent any inappropriate verbal, physical or sexual approach, physical contact, offer or touching that cannot be excused.

   To prevent the display of obscene or discriminatory graphics, cartoons, pictures or photographs regarding race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, disability or any other personal characteristic, except for those used for work purposes.

   Making suggestive remarks, jokes, or comments about a person's personal image, body, or lifestyle related to their race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other characteristic.

   Exhibiting repetitive and persistent behaviors that put pressure on the individual concerned, frighten and intimidate, in order to wear out, torment, or hinder any individual.

Bribery and corruption;

   Prohibiting employees from accepting offers of goods/services, gifts, invitations, entertainment that may or may affect the preferences and decisions of our institution.

   To prevent offering facilitation payments to secure or expedite a routine transaction or process with a person, institution, or government agency.

   To record and keep all kinds of accounts, invoices and documents regarding relations with third parties in a complete, precise and accurate manner.

   Adhering to the ETI Base Code, ILO charter agreements, the legal requirements of our country and the countries in which we operate, and local established industrial standards

We are Taha

Traceability with international or national standards

to serve with our working standards,