Taha Kimya will be designed in such a way

that it will be taken from people

who will be able to reveal their potential and

will be raised with a career, and will be trained in such

a way that they cannot be grown, with a management

that is trained in a way that can reveal

their potential and be targeted with their career,

in a seemingly targeted way:

   To bringing in qualified and competent candidates who will enable the company to grow.

   To provide the necessary environment and conditions for the bringing in candidates to be good leaders in the future.

   To make practices for the adoption of the “Employee Wins Principle” by keeping the labor and contribution to the company (and therefore to humanity) in the foreground.

   Maintaining the need to ensure that all individuals working in the company are actually a family and that mutual love and respect are never lost.

   Emphasis on the ideas and opinions of its employees, creating a career plan for its employees, providing them with training to increase their professional and personal competencies, enabling their development, always rewarding its employees, instilling awareness of product and service quality to its employees, offering a working environment free from the risks of work accidents and occupational diseases, competent, to make a fair and loyal management approach prevail.

   To guide employees with competent, fair, reliable, transparent managers with a broad vision who give importance to the ideas and opinions of the employees.

   To provide orientation training to new employees.

   To provide qualified and effective training and development opportunities to its employees for continuous improvement and development.

   By focusing on their internal abilities, their employees respectively; to create a training and development environment for them to realize, develop and use their potential.

   To have an employee profile that sees diversity kneaded with multiculturalism as an opportunity and is nourished by diversity.

   To create a result-oriented and fast decision-making organizational structure and to create highly competent employees who support this at all levels.

   To comply with all Labor Law regulations, to act in accordance with ethical and professional standards.

   To use technology and advanced methods in service and system development with employees.

   To increase efficiency and productivity in all matters related to Human Resources.

   To ensure that all of our work and services are carried out in accordance with national and international standards and regulations.

   To understand customer needs and expectations in the best way and to develop an understanding of service beyond expectations.

   To apply the right person for the right job, the right business policy for the right person at all levels.

   To bring problem solving skills to the highest levels with solution-oriented approaches.

We are Taha

Traceability with international or national standards

to serve with our working standards,