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Taha Kimya started its activities in 2008 in the cleaning, cosmetic and personal care products sector with knowledge, experience and expert staff, which started with the distributorship of Cosmetic Cleaning and Hygiene products by global and national companies in 1991. Taha Kimya is one of the leading companies in the cleaning, cosmetics and personal care products sector equipped with the latest technologhy production facility built on a 20,000 m2 area in Gaziantep 1st Organized Industrial Zone. Taha Kimya aims to be one of the top 10 companies in the sector with its 5 main principles: Quality, affordable Price, Sustainability, Labour and Service.

Taha Kimya, which has been producing cleaning, cosmetics and personal care products since the day it was founded, has become one of the leading companies that produce its raw materials in-house, by meeting the need for plastic bottles and caps at Maxplast production facilities which one of the group companies since 2014, and by starting the necessary investments to meet the need for Nonwovens as of 2021.

Taha Kimya, which has the ability to respond to customer needs easily by capturing the flexibility to produce raw materials,Plastic Bottle and Cap production Maxplast A.Ş. , Senoco A.Ş., whose investments in nonwoven production continue, Import and Export operations are done by İmex Ldt. Ltd. Sti., Turkey Sales and Marketing processes are done by Avantaj Ltd.Şti. and Mold production is done by our Tmach and Moldsan group companies.

Our R&D and Production department consists of expert chemists and successful engineers.

Our principle as a company; is to produce personal care and cleaning products at world standards that do not harm health, are environmentally friendly and facilitate human life.

Our goal is; to bring quality products to consumers at affordable prices.

The products that we manufacture by following the ever-developing world trends and technologies, aiming at superior quality and human health, have become a part of people's lives in a short time.

For that reason; We always want to make people's lives easier by producing better quality, healthier products based on the suggestions and preference reasons of our consumers.

All our work; It is made with the aim of being among the most preferred brands worldwide.

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