Fully meet the demands and expectations of customers

will meet literally, nature-friendly,

highly competitive, quality touchstone

Pre- and post-sales products

customer service and support

to keep satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to present the products and services that simplify the human’s life and increase the quality of their lives by producing higher quality, competitive and enviroment friendly goods meet the customer demands and expactations by utilizing the rational perspectives of our employees who adopt the quality and innovation as a principle

Our Vision

To be a leader company that dominates the global markets through managing continuous improvement efforts based on total quality fundementals, using the price policy as a main leverage on formulated products with functional and innovative approaches, original contents and unique designs, keeping their satisfactions at the highest level by presenting the services before and after sale.

We are Taha

Traceability with international or national standards

to serve with our working standards,

Biiwipes Islak Mendil
Onno Islak Mendil
Biiwipes Islak Mendil