As a company, we undertake to carry out our activities

in order to apply the following principles with the awareness

of social responsibility towards our employees, customers

and suppliers, with our values, which are the building

stones of our corporate culture:

   To regulate working hours and overtime hours in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in order to respect human rights and to use the workforce efficiently.

   Not paying employees below the minimum wage, which is the minimum wage that they can afford to cover their living expenses.

   To ensure that all employees are employed in appropriate positions with their own consent under fair conditions.

   To prevent employing child worker by employing human resources employment in accordance with the age limit determined by the laws.

   To provide all kinds of opportunities for the employees to provide the necessary infrastructure resource in terms of software and hardware under hygienic conditions.

   To fulfill the legal requirements in order to provide a safe working environment free from occupational health and safety risks to the employees and to raise awareness by training the employees on the subject.

   Employees have the freedom of thought and belief, and disapply discriminate against anyone at terms of language, religion, race, gender, social class, age and union membership.

   To ensure that the satisfaction level reaches the highest level by evaluating the feedbacks such as suggestions, complaints and surveys from all stakeholders and taking the necessary actions.

   To communicate accurately with our customers to understand and respond to their information, product and service needs.

   To present honest and useful information to customers while at the same time gain confidence in our products.

   Working with suppliers who share our goals and values and can demonstrate that they meet the workplace and environmental standards set by management.

We are Taha

Traceability with international or national standards

to serve with our working standards,